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6 Tips For Hiring A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling a bathroom instantly impacts your quality of life as well as the value of your home. If the job is done well, it brightens the room, improves functionality and boosts your home’s resale value by as much as 67% of the project cost. But many homeowners don’t know where to start, so we put together 6 Tips For Hiring A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor!

At an average price of $10,000 for a moderate bathroom update, it is an investment that you’ll want to spend wisely. It all starts with choosing the right bathroom remodeling contractor.

“Good” contractors are a dime a dozen. Great contractors, on the other hand, are rare. Do you want your bathroom to look good, or great? The choice is yours.

Great contractors are great communicators, planners, problem solvers and project managers. We work to understand your vision and then coordinate our team of skilled & licensed professionals to build within your agreed-upon timeframe and budget.

If you haven’t already fleshed out your plan, we also offer in-house architecture and design services as well. At High Class Builders, you get high class service at no extra charge.

1. Start With a Clear Plan

Before reaching out to any contractor, spend some time gathering your ideas. Write down your goals for the project, along with specific aesthetic and design features you want. Determine your budget and timeline.

Can a contractor complete the job, or will you need additional assistance?

As bathroom remodeling contractors, we tackle the processes of demolition, structural repairs and installation. If the project requires more complicated engineering elements, such as removing or reconfiguring walls, it may be best to consult with one of our licensed architects. Similarly, our professional designers can provide expertise on efficient layouts and specialized fixture solutions. We offer these and many more additional services all in-house.

2. Find Excellent Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Your general contractor must possess the minimum credentials of a valid contractor license and current insurance coverage. You’ll also want to know that they have extensive experience with bathroom remodeling projects and plenty of satisfied customers. Internet search engines can help, but there are better ways to find great candidates.

Personal referrals yield some of the best leads for finding a contractor. If you know someone who has recently had their bathroom done, ask them about their experience. Also, reach out to member businesses of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and National Association of the Remodeling Industry NARI. These organizations actively promote skill development and excellence in remodeling.

3. Conduct Phone Interviews

With your project plan in hand, reach out to the contractors on your list. Shoot for a minimum of three different companies for comparison, even if you think you’ve already found the one. Offer them a brief overview of your project, and ask them some basic questions about their business. Take notes for follow up. Be prepared to schedule a site visit.

Questions you Should Ask a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

  • May I have a list of references from similar projects you’ve completed recently?
  • Who will be working on the project? Are they employees or subcontractors?
  • Have you or your employees been certified in remodeling or had special training or education, such as a certified remodeler, certified remodeler specialist, certified lead carpenter or certified kitchen and bath remodeler?
  • Are you licensed and insured? Please provide your contractor license number and certificate of insurance.
  • What are your payment expectations?

4. Vet Your Top Prospects

After the phone interview, confirm the information they provided. Contact the state licensing board to verify the status of their contractor license number. Reach out to their insurance carrier to confirm that they are up to date. If the license and insurance check out, reach out to their references.

Bear in mind that the references they provide are a sampling of their favorite clients. These should be top fans, so expect responses to skew positive. Beware of red flags, such as a lack of recent (within a year) project references, consistently high-cost overruns or consistently poor courtesy reviews.

Questions you Should Ask Contractor References

  • When was your project completed?
  • Were you satisfied with their work?
  • How much did your project run over budget?
  • Were the contractor and any subcontractors professional and courteous?
  • Would you hire them again?

5. Conduct Thorough Site Visits

Provide each contractor with the same thorough, detailed project plan. Offer as much information as possible about materials, brand, styles, colors and other choices you’ve made.  Include the following:

  • Your budget
  • Bathroom design
  • Fixture types
  • Tile, countertop, and flooring brands and materials
  • Placement of electrical components
  • Acceptable working hours
  • Project timeline

Contractors work with detailed task lists and schedules. Be sure that you are on the same page regarding each step of the remodel. If they are responsible for sourcing all materials, let them know. If you want to supply some or all of the materials, or reuse certain fixtures, those details must be included in the discussion and the written plan.

6. Get Estimates in Writing

When the contractors deliver their quotes, read them carefully. In each quote, the project should be detailed as discussed during the site visit. Measurements and material quantities should add up. If the project description is in order, move on to the details outlined in the contract.

A thorough bathroom renovation contract should include the following:

  • Total project price
  • Payment schedule
  • Scope of work
  • Site plan
  • Schedule of primary construction tasks
  • Change order clause
  • Procedural list for closeout
  • Express limited warranty
  • Dispute resolution clause
  • Waiver of lien

Price alone is not enough to determine the right bathroom remodeling contractor. Consider their previous experience, ability to do the job within your timeline, testimonials from previous clients and your ability to work together as well. When you’ve made your decision, sign on the dotted line.

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