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How To Set Up Your Home For A Roof Repair In 4 Easy Steps

What’s that hanging on your walls?

Studies show hanging nature-themed photos and paintings can help boost your mood. If you work from home, bringing the outdoors inside can also help increase your productivity. However, your lovely nature paintings are going to be ruined if you don’t take them off the wall when the roofers come.

If you’re getting ready to have a new roof put on, then this article is for you! By following 4 easy steps, such as taking things off your walls before roofing day, you can help speed up the roof repair process.

What’s the right way to prepare for roofers? Read on to find out!

Step 1: Secure Your Vehicles

The first thing you should do before undergoing roof repair is to decide where you’ll be keeping your vehicles. Parking your car in the driveway is always going to be a bad idea. Remember, debris is going to be flying off your roof, and the last thing you want is something to hit your car.

By keeping your vehicles off the property, you’ll also be able to ensure your safety. As you get out of your car, you won’t have to worry about stepping on roofing materials, such as nails or other things that could hurt you. If you have a particularly long driveway, you might want to park at the end of it, away from your roof.

However, even if your vehicle is safe from flying debris, you could still end up blocking the roofing contractors from getting the job done. The roofing company is going to need access to your home with their vehicles, and possibly a dumpster. For safety and efficiency sake, keeping your driveway clear is the best way to go.


Step 2: Put Away Patio Furniture

Next, you’ll need to store all of your patio furniture in a safe location. If you have a shed, now would be the time to pile the chairs and outdoor table up in there. Even if your patio furniture is durable, you don’t want to have to worry about roofing nails becoming wedged in a seat cushion. Ouch.

Instead, store your furniture somewhere safe, and don’t bring it out until the re-roofing process, and clean-up is finished.

Will there be scaffolding involved? If yes, double-check local scaffolding hire prices to ensure you pick a company that practices top-notch safety standards. If an offer seems too low to be true, be wary. Instead, hold out for a reputable team that cares about getting the job done right, such as High Class Builders (yes, shameless plug).


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Step 3: Securing the Attic During Roofing Projects

Moving on, you’ll want to take a trip up to your attic before getting a roof replacement. Do you have any items that aren’t in boxes? Exposed items could wind up damaged or dirty.

The roofers walking around on top of your house, and the banging of tools can stir up attic dust storms. There’s also the risk of items falling if they’re stored up high.

To protect everything on the floor of your attic, we suggest using a large, thick blanket. Lay the blanket over the belongings you want to protect, and feel free to remove it once the roofers are done.


Step 4: Feel Good About Your Roof Repair

After reading this article, do you think you’re ready for a roof repair? If you don’t already have a parking spot picked up, start looking for one today. Glancing up and down your street, look for an open spot you can park in during the entire roofing process.

Finally, continue to park in your new spot until everything’s cleaned up in your yard and driveway. Are you ready for more savvy advice? Check out another one of our articles, or contact us for a Free Roofing Estimate!

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