Additions: Home, Room, and Second Story

Whether needing extra space or simply expanding, additions to the home are a great solution. An addition creates a huge difference in the structure, atmosphere, and overall dollar value of your home. Building an addition to your home can be done in a few ways, most common ones being home addition, room addition, and second story addition.

At High Class Builders we specialize in all aspects of home additions. All additions are built to your specifications, wants, and needs. While all most and do comply with the rules and regulations set out by the city and county you reside in. Depending on your preferences the following additions are available for your home.

Home Additions:

A home addition is generally the building of an exterior addition to a home. This type of addition is built on the same property of the original home. Either directly or indirectly and uses a path or a door to maneuver. This addition is generally for lots that have a larger acre size. That is to allow for extra home space without taking away the front or back yard space.

Room Additions:

Room additions are generally an expansion to the already existing rooms in the house to allow for bigger space. The most common room additions are kitchens, living rooms, and master bedrooms. One can also achieve a room addition by building a brand new room in a direct attachment to the original home. Achieving a bigger space by breaking down the wall directly connected to the room. Most commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Second Story Addition:

A second story addition is a great solution for creating additional space and increasing home value. It is especially helpful in tight, over populated areas. A second story addition covers the entire square footage of the home or only certain areas. It is important to note that not all homes qualify for second story addition. For example, if they interfere with certain views and landmarks. The process requires more permits and inspections in comparison to normal home remodeling or addition projects.

No matter the type of addition you are looking to have in your home, leave it to the professionals at High Class Builders to provide it for you with the highest of standards and workmanship.

High Class Builders promises high standard, professional, and beautifully executed work on your home addition, room addition, and second story addition projects

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