Simi Valley Dog Park

If you’re looking for a dog park in the Simi Valley, you’ve come to the right place! Here you can find information on Rules and Regulations, hours and costs, and more! Read on to find out which Simi dog park is the perfect fit for your pooch. Here are some tips to get started:

Rules and regulations

There are many rules and regulations governing the Simi Dog Park in Simi Valley, California. Visiting the park will ensure your dog’s safety, as the facility has separate off-leash areas for large and small dogs. For your convenience, the park also has picnic tables and parking. However, you should be aware that the park is closed on Thursdays between 7 am and 11 am for routine maintenance. Also, it may be closed if there is rain.

First, it is important to seek medical attention right away if you have been attacked by a dog. Although this may seem like a trivial step, it is crucial to seek treatment immediately to ensure your safety and that of others. The bite wounds from a dog are filled with bacteria, which is susceptible to infection unless treated. Furthermore, getting medical treatment will give you evidence of your injury and provide important information about how to proceed. Get More Information!


If you are looking for a fun place for your dog to play, the Simi Valley Dog Park is an excellent choice. You can find the park behind Big Spy Park. Big and small dogs alike can enjoy the park’s large open spaces and separate areas. The park also has plenty of water and plenty of grass for your four-legged friend to play. You can even bring your cat or rabbit! It’s a great place for your pet to socialize with other dogs and enjoy the scenery.

The Simi Dog Park is located at a high elevation, so it may be windy. There are two parking lots, a porta-potty, and a well-maintained puppy play area. It’s a short walk from the valley floor, and it’s worth the trip! This park is great for dog socialization and exercise. It’s important to note that Wag! will not allow Pet Care Providers to bring their dogs to the park.


The hours of Simi Dog Park Simi Valley vary according to the season. This park is a wonderful place for your dog to spend time off-leash in the open. There are large and small dog areas, and there are plenty of picnic tables for you and your pet to enjoy together. The park is open from dawn to dusk. Owners are encouraged to bring their dogs’ favorite toys and balls to play with them, but you must remove them when you leave the park.

While dogs are welcome to play off-leash in the park, it is recommended that owners supervise them, clean up after them, and check their vaccinations and titers before bringing them. Dog owners also need to keep in mind that the park has a faucet outside of the doggie area for easy access. The park also provides bowls for your pet to drink from. This park offers several amenities, so your dog will have a great time.


The Simi Dog Park is a fenced-in park for dogs of all sizes, ranging from a cockapoo to a Great Dane. The park is located in the Big Sky housing development in north-central Simi Valley. The park is free for members, but non-members must pay a fee to enter. To purchase a Simi Dog Park membership, click here.

The cost of entering the dog park varies by location, which is why you should consider the number of dogs before you make your decision. There are several locations throughout Simi. The main location is at the base of Big Sky Park and is just south of Simi Valley Elementary School. There is ample parking and picnic tables. The park is closed on Thursdays between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., for maintenance purposes. It may also close if it rains. Visit This Site!

Picnic tables

The Simi Valley park district has been planning the dog park for five years. Shea Homes donated the land when they finished building Big Sky and then used it for fill dirt. In June 2008, the site was gradated and an access road was installed. Work on the dog park began shortly thereafter. Simi Dog Park has two sections, large and small dogs. The small dogs section features large trees and water. Picnic tables are also available for dog owners.

The Simi Dog Park in Simi Valley is a great place to take your dog to exercise and socialize. The park features softball diamonds, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and water for your pup. You can even take your pup to a picnic and eat in the park! The park is open from dawn to dusk, but keep in mind that its hours are seasonal. You’re encouraged to bring a ball or toy for your pup, but remember to take them off before you leave.

Watering trough

On March 14, 2009, the Simi Valley park district opened a new dog park. The site was donated by Shea Homes, who had used it as fill dirt for their new Big Sky development. Construction began on the dog park on the site, and the public was invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which included free t-shirts, hot dogs, and drinks. Since then, Simi Valley has become a popular dog park for its community and for residents.

The park has a watering trough and is well-maintained and offers plenty of opportunities for owners to let their dogs drink from the trough and cool off. Simi Valley experiences the hottest temperatures in July and August, with averages of 85 degrees and 60 degrees. The coldest months are December, when temperatures drop to 40 degrees. Overall, the climate in Simi Valley is pleasant. Simi Valley receives seventeen inches of rain each year. Click Through to This Article!

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